Where to Start?

Ready to Start? Let’s Find Your IDEAL Business Idea in 3 Easy Steps.

It’s a given that if you’ve hit the big 5–0 you’ve got game. You have ‘life smarts’ that just can’t be bought or learned through a quickie online course. You’ve paid your dues to know what you know.

You have LOTS of  business ideas, too, right?



You’ve also lived long enough to know what you love, hate and simply don’t care about. You know exactly what you want.

Bet you’ve had the big “WTH” moment, too, when you realize you’ve had your dreams on hold for a long time and you’ve been taking care of others for a lifetime.

You realize it’s YOUR turn.

To do what you want.

No more working in a job you hate doing crap you simply don’t care about.

No more staying in a place that makes you unhappy.

Life’s too short.

You Owe It to Yourself to Start Your Own Business

All of those business ideas and dreams that have been ricocheting around in your head for years are clamoring to come out. They’ve gotten louder because you’ve ignored them.

We know we get to live a lot longer than previous generations, but time is still of the essence. There’s no time like the present to START your business. In fact, if you’ve got 5 decades under your belt, this is THE IDEAL time to START your business.

Let’s face it. An ignored dream is sad. Let it out. Act on it. It’s screaming at you because it KNOWS you’re ready to make it a reality. Don’t let it become a regret.

You Owe It to Others

When you start your own business you get to act on what you most love and what you’re best at doing. That’s an amazing combination. Astonishing, in fact.

Keeping it to yourself is simply selfish.

There are customers who need what you have to offer, but they can only benefit from your business if you START.

The world needs more mentors, role models guides and people that are just plain happy doing what they do.  That’s you. I guarantee you know a hell of a lot more than you think. Starting may be scary, but START anyway. I bet you were scared to learn to drive a car, but you did it.

Being afraid isn’t fatal.

Wondering Where to START?

It’s is actually way easier than you think. Let’s START right now.

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Or, if you prefer to go old school grab a piece of paper….

Step #1: Create Three Inventory Lists

  1. Your ‘MY BRAG‘ inventory. I know nice girls aren’t supposed to brag. Do it anyway. Write down everything you’re great at from cooking to coding to writing to ice skating to networking to painting to accounting to traveling. Don’t hold back.
  2. Your ‘I LOVE‘ inventory. Write down everything you love to do. From writing to coaching to teaching to acting to volunteering to organizing to networking to mentoring to collecting beautiful fabric. If you find repetition from your ‘MY BRAG’ inventory include them again.
  3. Your ‘I HATE‘ inventory. Yep. Write down everything you hate from rude people to whiners to over-the-top political posts to dieting to traffic jams to bad relationships to crappy products to wasting time. This will be your reminder of things you want to avoid doing at all costs. You don’t like accounting? Don’t offer accounting services and, by all means, hire one to do your accounting.

Mom said bragging was bad. She was wrong.

Step #2: Walk Away. Clear Your Head for 10 Minutes


Step #3: ID Your Ideal Intersections

Look at your ‘MY BRAG’ and your ‘I LOVE’ inventories side-by-side.

You’ll find your  ‘intersections‘ in two ways…

1.) Look for similar elements.  For example,  you may have noted “I’m awesome at mentoring women” on your ‘MY BRAG’ inventory and “I love teaching” on your ‘I LOVE’ inventory. These items are related.

Can you envision offering coaching or mentoring services to women? That’s a business.

What if you noted “I’m an exceptional writer and I love empowering women”?  Again, another potential business – writing books or articles to empower women.

2.) Look for elements that can be mashed-up or combined. For example, I noted “I love dogs and I rock at organizing things. How could these two be combined?

Let’s Expand On ‘I LOVE dogs’ Example As A Model…

I noted “I love dogs and I rock at organizing things”. Hmmm? Could these two elements be put together? Do they have potential to be a business?

What about a pet service to help busy pet owners keep their pets happy, healthy and organized?

What would this look like? A business that provides dog walking, taking a pet to the vet, re-stocking dog food, treats and toys, eliminating the doody from the yard. That’s a business idea right there.

See how this works?

Look for elements from your ‘I LOVE’ and ‘MY BRAG’ inventories that relate and fit together, or could be great if mashed up.  Start thinking outside of the box. Your ideal business idea could be something that hasn’t even crossed your mind yet.

CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve just captured your first potential business ideas.

This is YOUR zone, where you love to be. Where you get excited. Where you excel.

Keep returning to this exercise. See how many elements you can combine into an idea.

Then, make note of which of the mash-ups you keep re-visiting. Your gut is telling you it’s a potential winner and you’ll want to pursue it.

That’s How You START.

The first step to STARTING a business is uncovering what you love to do, what you’re good at and how the two can hook up to become a business.

Once you’re clear on this you can take the next step: Refining your idea. I’ll cover that in the next article.

COMMENT BELOW and tell us your top 2-3 business ideas you just brainstormed. I can’t wait to hear what you’ve got cooking.

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Brainstorming Your Ideal Business Idea in 3 Easy Steps

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6 comments on “Ready to Start? Let’s Find Your IDEAL Business Idea in 3 Easy Steps.

  1. Karen Patten -

    I LOVE anything that empowers women – and you are doing it with such passion! Here’s to all the success you can handle and to empowering as many women to take charge of their own destiny!!

    • Colleen Kochannek -

      Thanks, Karen. I can’t wait to help loads of women launch their own online business. Having your own business is such a life-changing experience.

  2. Rena -

    I love this! I started my own business two years ago and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done!

  3. Darlene -

    Love this post! I am in the middle of exploring creating a FB group now in the stress niche. Stress affects just about everyone and it comes at us from so many different sources and angles. My idea is to start a group that focuses on how to make life less stressful. Everyone wants that…right?!

    • Colleen Kochannek -

      I answered Darlene via email, but thought I would share here, too. There may be some helpful insights about FB Groups for everyone.

      To Darlene:

      Hi Darlene,

      Yes! Everybody has stress and everyone wants to know how to deal with it or get rid of it.

      I also think the older we get we have more stress simply because life tends to happen in bigger ways. Sick parent. Divorce. Kids leaving home (although I don’t have kids, I have dachshunds and they stick pretty close to home… and the food dish).

      I am assuming you already have a FB Business Page if you’re considering starting a group. A new feature: you can now link your group to your FB Business page (super helpful).

      A few other suggestions even though you didn’t ask for them (chuckle):

      Hyper-niching your market will make for a stronger FB Group. I see your website (beautiful, btw) is for ‘SMART’ and ‘PROFESSIONAL’ women. I am wondering if you might want to niche your FB Group even further.

      For example, the Scrappy Frontier is for women, over 50, who want to launch their own online businesses. It’s super specific so I can speak directly to my audience.

      SMART and PROFESSIONAL women is, of course, a niche but still somewhat vague for FB groups. People expect FB Groups to be more social (it’s social media after all) so they look for like-minded people and groups.

      Another added benefit of hyper-niching a FB Group is it makes for easier and more effective promotion. You can promote and build your group through FB Ads and their hyper-targeting capabilities. If your topic is broader it’s harder to get to people with whom your group will resonate. You can get as specific as women in Poland, over 50, recently divorced and like Pepsi (I’m being a bit silly, but you can get super-specific – FB knows everything about us…)

      I know hyper-niching can feel limiting, but it’s actually the BEST way to grow an engaged and quality FB Group. Of course, if your page resonates with people outside of your niche you can decide if you want them included, but the page is going to resonate with specific people.

      Hope this helps and I’m not being a nosy-Nelly, offering advice where none was asked for:)

      Cheers, Colleen

      PS: Your site is really fantastic. You are clearly further along in your business. than just starting. I’d love your feedback. What can I help you with in the Scrappy Frontier that would be most valuable to you and growing your busines? What burning topics are on your mind to grow your business?


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