Ten Reasons You Make More Money with A Narrower Niche

The smaller your target, the bigger your sales.

Have you heard these marketing cliches? Are you thinking that I am out of my mind? You’re not alone.

This is what I hear you saying, “But, Colleen. I want to sell to as many people as possible. I want to make money. My product or service is for everybody!”

Yes, I am sure your product or service can be good for a lot of people, but not if you can’t get their attention. If you can’t get someone to pay attention to you it doesn’t matter how great your stuff is.

The Secret to Selling

The secret to selling successfully is to put something out there that makes someone stop in their tracks. Makes them stop scrolling. Makes them look twice and say, ‘Whoa. Wait. That’s ME. What’s this about?”

To do this you must talk to ONE person – your ideal customer. You want this ideal customer to be as narrowly defined as possible so you can speak directly to her or him.

You can broaden your market later, but starting as narrow as you possibly can will not only increase your sales, it will decrease the investment you need to reach you customers.

The Top Reasons to Narrow Your Niche

  1. So you can know your ideal customer inside and out and you can speak directly to them in your messaging.
  2. It’s easy to find them and target them for promotions.
  3. You become the expert for that person or niche.
  4. Having a narrow niche becomes your point of differentiation in your market.
  5. You become known for something specific. This makes you easier to remember and refer.
  6. You need less ‘stuff’. Less messaging, less product, less inventory, less social media. You need only what you need to reach that niche.
  7. It makes it a heck of a lot easier to make decisions about your business.
  8. You get to set your own pace. Perfect that niched market BEFORE you expand.
  9. A narrow niche allows you to scale more easily.
  10. You’ll make MORE money because of every reason listed above.

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