7 Lessons from Hurricane Irma

7 Solopreneur Lessons from Hurricane Irma

There will be storms in your business. Preparing for them will take a lot of the damage, fear, heart-ache and panic out of the mix.  As a solopreneur, are you prepared?

Highlights from the video: 

Lesson #1: Take Your Time [1:43]

Lesson #2: Focus On What’s Most Important [4:53]

Lesson #3: Do It Scared [10:46]

Lesson #3: Focus ONLY On What You Can Control [12:09]

Lesson #5: Be As Prepared As You Can Be [13:30]

Lesson #6: Be Willing to Wobble [15:23]

Lesson #7: Be Resilient [17:05]

Lastly, be BOLD. Hurricane Irma made her presence known. Do the same. Go out there. Talk about your business like you mean business. Be proud. Be loud. Tell everyone who will listen.

COMMENT BELOW: Do you have a plan to weather business storms? Or, do you have questions about how you can?

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