Welcome To Your Scrappy Frontier
About Colleen Kochannek and The Scrappy Frontier

Welcome to our Scrappy Frontier. The place where we’re getting real about starting your business (not just talking about it anymore).

Yes, you can do it. No, it’s not too late. I’ll show you how.

I’m Colleen. Hey there.

I woke up one day and thought, how did I get to 50? Does this sound familiar? Heck, I don’t care about the age, but I started having massive panic attacks over the big questions:

  • Where did my life go?
  • Why have I accomplished nothing on my big list?
  • Is it too late?
  • Where did my sense of adventure  and confidence disappear to?
  • When the hell did I develop lunch lady arms? Seriously.

Then, something incredible happened:

I got canned.

Yup, sacked – with 10,000 of my favorite colleagues.

I had a choice to make. Find another corporate job or strike out on my own. (No way was I going to ‘work for the man’ again.)

I started trying to figure out what the hell I wanted to do. I brainstormed and made list after list.

After many torturous hours I went back to my roots. I LOVED writing. So, I got motivated and launched a local online magazine for my town  – and saying it in this one little sentence makes it sound like it was easy as pie, but it was the most stressful, scary, confidence busting, challenging, satisfyingly greatest thing I’ve ever done. It’s still alive and kicking pretty darn well, I might add.

Then, I got discouraged.

In my quest to learn everything about running an online business I started taking loads of online courses. I found lots of millennials with inordinate amounts of pink and gold desk accessories, fast talking guys with potty-mouths worse than mine, and duller-than-dirt dudes who spent many a past life working for IBM and wearing IBM blue suits.

Another thing? Every class started at Lesson #7. I swear I either missed every orientation session or part of my book was missing. I was lost before I started. 

But, I figured it out. I learned the process and figured out how to STREAMLINE it. Made it simpler. Waaay simpler.

Which lead me to launch…   

The Scrappy Frontier:

There’s no earthly reason you have to suffer through the online overwhelm, technology torture and feeling lost in space like I did.

I’ve always led my life by the seat of my pants, simply hoping they don’t catch fire. I’ve always jumped and then looked to see if I had a parachute. I’ve ALWAYS figured it out and made it happen.

I’m resourceful and practical and curious and persistent and strategic. Scrappy, you might say.

Guess what? You’ve got that in you, too. That’s why you’re here.

Maybe you’re still trying to figure out what business you want to start – but you’re sure you want to.

Maybe you feel behind on all the things you feel you should know by now.

Maybe you just want to know how to set up a damn blog. (They say a 2nd grader can do it! Thanks.)

The Scrappy Frontier is exactly what I looked for but couldn’t find:

Online Business School for Ladies on the feisty side of 50 who are ready to leap and launch…

Where you’re finally able to:

  • Look forward to your day and bring your talents and enthusiasm to the world.
  • Do stuff you love, rather than crap you dread.
  • Be able to say, “I am an entrepreneur” and have a real business to back it up.

How many times have you said, “Oh, I can’t do that, I’m 50.”

Oh yes, you can.

And if you’re trying to figure out that epic question, “What do I want to do,” the way to answer it is by trying a bunch of things.

A bunch of things you might’ve thought you couldn’t do.

Let’s get Scrappy together. 

Get Started. Discover Your IDEAL Business Today

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The Idea That It’s Hard to Start A Business After 50 Is Cr*p.

BUSTED: Tomorrow is never guaranteed. You could have been using this ‘excuse’ your entire life, but you didn’t.

Why are you thinking it now? Fear? Anxiety? Confusion? Overwhelm? Let’s tackle those and put the ‘it’s too late’ argument to bed.

You could have another 20 - 30 - 40 - 50+ years ahead of you. What are you going to do with all of that time? Knit? Learn Origami? No way. It’s time to bring your talent and enthusiasm to the world.

BUSTED AGAIN: Talk to the hand. Whether you’ve had a long corporate career, worked in jobs since you were 16, or never ‘worked’ outside of the home it’s impossible that you don’t have skills, talents and super-powers. You don’t get to 50 and beyond without massive game. Life is hard. The world is a tough place. Trust me. You’ve learned, developed, acquired, absorbed massive skills along the way. We just need to uncover them.

TOTALLY BUSTED: Why the hell not? You do know ‘our’ people invented this technology stuff, right? It didn’t just appear last year. Our people took the 50’ phone cord and turned it into a portable phone (like Steve McGarrett’s car phone in Hawaii 5-0 - the original one in the 70’s) then into a cordless phone which gave way to smartphones.

The younger crowd is simply working from our inventions. The tech world is ours. We invented it. We just need to do a little catching up. Book ‘em, Dano.


"Colleen started out with really helping me to get clarity in my business and did some intensive exercises which really helped me pinpoint and hone in on who my target audience is, what their needs are and how to figure that out. All of Colleen's social media and website tips and tools have been so tremendous, and I can't express the value of learning the 'how to' of the technology side of my online business. If you want to work with Colleen, I would tell you to go for it! She's changed my life in a short period of time and I'm sure she'll do the same for you!"
Testimonal For Scrappy Frontier

Cheryl K.

"Colleen's not just saying, "Oh, do this and you'll make a million dollars, you know. Colleen's been there, done that and bought the T-shirt and is cookin' on all four burners. Colleen is also the same age group as me. So to work with Colleen was like revisiting my style of education. We went back to Step #1 and then moved to Step#2 and then to Step#3. If you get a chance to work with Colleen, do it. You will work with a very intelligent, caring, fun woman who will take you from Step #1 to #7 or #10 or wherever you need to go to fulfill your dream of creating your own business"

Kathy G.

Scrappy Promise


A no-nonsense, but tons of fun, kind of place

An online business school designed precisely for YOU

A clear path.


Step by Step: The EXACT path you need to take to launch your business. I've not skipped anything.

SHOW and TELL:  I will SHOW you precisely how to take each step.

The EXACT programs and processes you need.

More SHOW and TELL: I will SHOW you how to use each program and product I recommend.

The lost user manuals.

Mega support. The Scrappy tribe takes care of each other.

Like-minded (and feisty) gals who are exactly where you are - taking their turn and starting an online business.

Possible discussions around 80's music and why I think Tom Selleck is still a hunk.

Women creating all kinds of businesses from teaching people how to write their local history to creating inspirational t-shirts to coaching. We help you start YOUR IDEAL business.

Your powerful skills and amazingly useful life-smarts that will help you totally rock YOUR business.

A new you! Amazing yourself because you’re taking real action to launch your business.


Articles on making tons of ‘passive’ income while you travel the world because we know that’s complete and utter hogwash. Even in today’s ‘you-can-do-anything-with-technology-kind-of-world’, you still have to work for it.

Pictures of me showing off in front of the Eiffel Tower with my $1000 handbag. No, in the Scrappy Frontier we roll up our sleeves and get stuff done. We’re also real about it.

Lots of woo-woo.  I’m more of a practical, get it done, non-ouija board kind of gal.

Online overwhelm, tech torture or shiny object syndrome here. We’re sharing just the clear [EASY] path so you can get busy getting busy with your business.

Whining. We're a NO-Whine zone. The Scrappy Frontier is about real, brave everyday women, taking real action, and finding real success. No time for excuses.

Anything Justin Bieber.

Think of it as your tool-shed of choice.  We provide the (essential) tools. You provide the action. You reap the success.

Quitting. Quitting isn't allowed. We'll find you a way. Promise.

Now, let’s get moving.